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September 2017

Harvest Festival

European Languages Day

Year 6 Cycle training

NCC Cycle information and consent

Accelerated Reader

Mrs Eckley - Pine Marten Class

July 2017

Family Picnic 17.7.17

Breakfast & After School Club Booking Form September 2017

Year 4 Landing Pad

Year 6 Leavers

Shakespeare Rocks - Year 6 Production

Year 1 visit to Wroxham Barns

June 2017

Whole school transfer day

Nursery to Reception September 2017

Reading Together letter

Reading Together leaflet

Mrs Bowring Memorial Service

Year 5 Martham topic questionnaire

Year 5 Martham topic

Book Fair in school

Green Team paperless initiative

Year 6 Summer trips

Flegg High School Sports Festival

Sports Day 2017

Dressing up clothes

Year 4 Football at FHS

Year 6 Living and Growing

May 2017

Reception visit to Chapman's Farm

Nursery visit to Chapman's Farm

Year 5 Launch Pad

Year 4 Launch Pad

Nursery Launch Pad

Year 2 to Time and Tide Museum

Children's University information letter

People who help us week

Beetle Class Sports morning

Year 6 Summer Information

Breakfast/After School Club Booking Form (Jun/July)

Green Team letter

New Reading Initiative

Operation Encompass

Year 6 Moving to Secondary School information

Year 5 Amazona visit

Year 1 Food Tasting

April 2017

Winterton Walk for Year 6

Children's University

Maths Monkey

Ladybird Class to Sports morning

Nursery Launch Pad

March 2017

Year 4 Launch Pad

Field Mouse class

Year 4 trip to Theatre Royal

Reception trip to Fairhaven

Chair of Governors letter

Field Mouse class

Year 3 trip to Time and Tide

Breakfast and After School Club - Apr/May

Futures Week

Red Nose Day 2017

Year 1 trip to Elizabethan House and Time and Tide

Mrs Bowring - thanks to parents

February 2017

Funeral letter for Nursery

Year 2 trip to Elizabethan House

Parents Evening appt request

Parents Evening

Year 4 Parents Evening appt request

Year 4 Parents Evening

Funeral letter

World Book Day

Book of Remembrance

Year 4 Launch Pad

Mrs Bowring

Nursery Launch Pad

Breakfast and After School Club booking form

KS1 SATs Parents' Meeting

Right for Success parents information

January 2017

Year 1 Landing Pad

Nursery Landing Pad

Year 2 Landing Pad

Year 4 Landing Pad

Year 5-6 Landing Pad

Maths games for parents

Year 5/6 Norwich Castle trip

Year 3 India Day

KS2 Eco Week

Reception Landing Pad and Eco Week

Cards and Cake Maths afternoon

Lottery Funded courses at Flegg High School

Year 5 Residential to Holt Hall

Year 4 Launch Pad

Reception Dental Survey

KS2 SATs meeting for Year 6

KS1 Revision Guides

December 2016

Year 4-5-6 Swimming

Dick Whittington - Nursery

Dick Whittington - school

Year 2 Landing Pad

Year 4 Landing Pad

Rabbit Class

Breakfast and After School Club January

November 2016

Christmas Jumper Day

Year 6 Kingswood Residential

Year 5/6 King Hal visit

Early Years Nativity

Treetops Christmas Holiday Club

Phonics Workshops

KS1 Nativity

Maths Questionnaire

PTA Autumn Disco

Elfridges Non School Uniform Day

Year 4 Sheringham Residential

Whole School Maths Project

Children in Need Day

Year 3 trip to Norwich Castle Museum

Year 3-6 Christmas Lunch

Year R-2 Christmas Lunch

October 2016

Year 6 Crucial Crew

Nursery Launch Pad

Nursery Parent Consultations

Year 5/6 Launch Pad

Year 4 Launch Pad

Parents' Evening

Year 4 Landing Pad

Hedgehog Landing Pad

Breakfast and After School Club Booking Form

Year 2 trip to Nelson Museum

GY Mercury First Class photographs

Year 5/6 Landing Pad

PTA Annual General Meeting

September 2016

Attendance regulations

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Reception

Year 4 trip to Norwich Castle

Year 5-6 Launch Pad

Individual Photographs

Nursery Photographs