Welcome to Martham Primary School and Nursery.

I am delighted to be leading such a vibrant and innovative school that is at the heart of the community.  The school has a superb  team of committed professionals who work tirelessly to  ensure that pupils gain the best possible educational experiences.  

We are a larger than average Primary and Nursery School and are the Sure Start lead partner for the Tree Tops Day Nursery, which shares our site and serves the wider local area. The school is conveniently located mid-way between the Norfolk Broads and the coast.

Martham has a strong emphasis on achieving high standards through the delivery of a creative, inclusive curriculum. Our vision is for all our pupils to be successful, confident and responsible life-long learners who can work both independently and in collaboration with each other to achieve their full potential.  We aim to provide a rich and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environment that uses the skills of the new National Curriculum to help them achieve this through memorable and exciting topics.

Our challenge is to take our lively, creative and successful curriculum to the next level by continuing to embed the new curriculum, so that it is relevant to our children here in Martham. We want to develop pupil confidence in using creative thinking, making links and stimulating enquiry. Our chosen mission statement "Growing people, growing minds" encapsulates this ideal.

Mrs S Mules

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This week's Bee's Knees

  • Red Deer

  • Seal Class

  • Fox Class

  • Swan Class

  • Badger Class

  • Pine Marten Class

  • Otter Class

  • Rabbit Class

  • Hedgehog Class

  • Squirrel Class

  • Field Mouse Class

  • Mole Class